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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unreasonable Lady Bitch Boss

Have you ever heard of "no straight leave in a row" as a reason for the rejection of applying leave? Yes I do. In this company that I am freaking working now, all sorts of stupid reasons also I've heard before. Sarcastic reasons, idiotic reasons, embarrassing reasons. Actually it goes on this way. Ahem (clears throat)!

I've apply leave for this week's Friday (2nd May 2008), which is after the labour day (1st May 2008), due to me, going outstation. Who will go outstation for only 1 day right? Serious shit! So, I've deal with my boss (the idiot in da room) about the leave applying thingies, and as usual, boss will just give approval if i have a good supporting reason. He is good in this way. Only this way! No doubt!

After few days of approval, some bitch (the fat ass Dee lee deh ley biatch in da room) came out of no where to check that leave application slip. This morning while I'm having a serious conversation with my boss about some layouts, this woman suddenly pop out asking me "you apply leave for this Friday, Eugene?". And for sure, definitely and absolutely I replied "yes this Friday". Then she asked, "do you know that this Thursday is a public holiday?". Do I look like I'm that blur or stupid? For sure I know. Duh~! Then she starts with her "own law" stating that, "this company don't allow people to take straight days off in a row, do you know that Eugene?". With my rationality on, I replied, "But I only took 1 day, which is Friday". Then she start saying, "but Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, plus the Friday that you took will be 1 whole row off you are taking". What a stupid reason. Its like those days are my leave that I applied. What the hell!

Then i tell her, "its no choice, I need to go out station if not I wont be taking a day leave linking with the public holidays". Then she sarcastically replied, "I can tell you no choice too, I can reject your application if I wan to". I get so fired up at that moment.And i say it again "No choice, even if you reject I need to have that leave too", and I start ignoring her, while my boss laughing sarcastically there again.

I wonder. There are this kinda boss in the society! Is all working place like this? I'm only applying 1 day leave, why making such a fuss there?! My God! I hate it when this happens. After a while i figured out, one of my colleague, she took 1 whole week to go vacation. Those that consider a row of leave she takes? I thought that "your" company doesn't allow that to happen? Serious hell!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hot Saturday

Its been a while to have Saturdays that is so happening these days. The last time we had it was when my gym friends, Sharon, Scott and the gang came to my house to have a little cooking party. It was fun and all and it makes me feels really like a Saturday afternoon! This afternoon was my sis' turn. But shes a bit lucky cause she's not a good cook...to make it clear, she cant cook! lolz! So she ask a favor from my dad (the best cook at home), too make her and her friends his best dish, "The Curry Chicken"! Smart girl she is to ask my dad for help, which its surely turn out to be good for sure. So after whole morning of preparations, finally her friends arrive and the dining table is filled up. I in the other hand have a few piece of chickie and on that time watching Ratatouille.

Talking bout eating and watching a movie that is about cooking and food too is kinda clicks don't you think so? This show Ratatouille really brings out the feel of Paris which is kinda romantic in its way, it makes me think of another movie stared by Catherine Zeta Jones, "No Reservations".

This movie is nice and romantic too. I guess I really love this movie a lot cause its about cook and foods, and romance. Sometimes I really wish I'm in that scene. How nice to enjoy good food and romantic environments. But according to Ivan, Paris is not a very romantic place as showed in TV. He said that the Gondola is supposed to be romantic but the smell is not that romantic after all.. haha...!! But honestly, this movie "No Reservation" is really worth watching. Try it out~

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Crack My Voice!

Recently, my voice is not so stable due to the shouting n yelling in combat class! Gosh.. Since i quit my singing classes, I'm starting to neglect taking good care of my voice, yelling and shouting out loud in class seems to be routine every time when combat class started.

Although, Its kinda high and fun yelling in class with all your might, but we never know when our throats get hurts. I guess starting from now on I wont casually shout. I need to be cautious of my own voice again because i like singing a lot, and recently, I cant even sing in proper tune, cracking voice starts to occur when i sing high note, plus, I've quit singing for some time, and my skills are all gone. Sigh~!

Its time to get it back all over again~!!! Sobbbbbbbb..........

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Master Copy Apprentice

Geeez...! I'm amaze to see that Alan's blog is getting more and more interesting. Actually I can sense that he really have the potential to be a Graphic Designer. Its our dream when we are still in high school. But too bad, he go for the more practical major which is Business Administration. Too bad bro. How fun it can be if we both are graphic designers together , at least we can share our ideas or perhaps i can copy some skills from you like what I'm trying to do now.. LOL. Really, the blogin stuff is introduced from me to him and yet he can do so much better! Really need to learn more, he got sense in this man!

Anyway, keep it up! Now you are one of my favourite blogers. I will keep track on your blog and get more ideas from your blogin skills. Master gotta learn some new stuff from their Apprentice too, dont you think so? hehe..

Lonely Thursday

Early in the morning, Lady boss is in the office with her goodie mood, which will cause the whole offic to be in good mood! Hopefully her mood will stay good throughout the day! But, its hard to predict that, cuz she has mood swing in a very extreme way.. lol!

Today, I will encounter a lonely day, perhaps a stressfull one too, due to the absense of Gina, many things that she deal half way, those people will start asking her stuff on me which will make me damn blur. Cuz as I say, the people here really have no system and management, they will just ask anything to whoever they see. Well, call me irresponsible again, this kinda stuff will surely happend and my responds will be, "I dunno, I never give a damn". LOL

Anyway, today will be hell of a day, and i hope everything will be fine and easy for the day~

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Money Matters

Money money money... How I wish I was born as a rich child. Lately I encounter some financial problems again. For so long this kinda problem nvr really visit me, but this time it really comes at the wrong time especially I'm getting ready planning to go for KRABI trip! Sigh~! Now, no other option but to save money!!

No more having dinner every night outside, no more exp drinks, no more buying useless stuff, no more extra snack!! sobbbbbbb...! For KRABI sake! Its ok... haha. Now every time I need to pay more attention on my financial spending. But so happened at this moment, a lot of things i need to go shop for! sigh... What should I do? Guess I need to hold on until then!

Caught in the Middle

Hmm... I find out that, there are peoples who make a scene, and some that stay silence, and also some that get pissed for some reasons. Every event like this happened, there will be always someone who get caught in the middle or better spoken as the "middle person". I guess this position suits person like me... sigh.. Whenever I am, i use to be the middle person.

No matter I'm the one who gets blur all the time knowing anything about what topic people are talking about, or I'm that person who cool down the war. Sigh.. sometimes felt tired. But, i guess my personalities really suits this position well. As I'm a person who sometimes really nvr give a damn to the reality world. I like to dream, fantasize and imagine a lot. Really hope to choose an option call "Ignore".

Sometimes in life if there isnt any ups and downs, I guess life wont be any interesting at all. So perhaps some conflict and some arguements will make the relationship either negative, which is broken or positive which is we get to understand each other better.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blur untill...

Imagine 2 person working at the same time can be so blur. On last Friday, its actually my 1st busy Friday. Usually my Fridays will be like chilling around with weekends mood standby from the morning. But last Friday was different. The 2 ghost come in so damn early in the morning, even the old man did not go for his golf game. Which make me sick that I have to see their faces on Friday. Never mind all that, my Friday really passed real quick and busy. Until the very few hours, typically my 2 bosses style, they like to visit us with a very nice phone call (not very nice at all). After that phone called, we was like rushing to hell. The stupid printer get stuck all the sudden, things need to be rushed get delayed. Finally everything was done in a very struggling way. Stuff that need to be passed to the printer fella for sample printing has been burn into the CD. Until today, Gina asked about the printing, nobody knows that the CD is passed to the printer fella or did not. At the end both of us blur and wondering who passed the CD to them. Ghost? Absolutely no one!! The CD must had been fly there itself cause it feels pity for us, dint want us to be too frust and maybe will help us out a bit lol!! And what the hell I'm doing this? Suddenly they asked me to do Gina's stuff and Gina is blur-ing doing my stuff! What the hell is with them i wonder. Just randomly giving stuff to anyone to do without knowing their job scope!! How lame.. The only thing they are good at is complaining and rushing people for no reasons and talking nonsense. Sigh! Call me irresponsible, either they have it by dunno what kinda way, as long they have it and get my samples printing done back on time. Bottom line, they do things really no system and management. Everything has to be at last minute which is very frustrating. When we rush, very normal things will go wrong and things will be delayed. Sigh.. how many other companies will be like this? Give some management and system please oh God!

Nissan Impul

This morning, Alan asked about what kinda rim color suits his car. LOL. I'm not a very "car friendly" person, which I know nothing much about cars. But maybe with my design senses and color matching experience, he likes to ask me for opinion, due to his craziness in car modifying. He really is crazy about cars and so happened he works in Nissan car dealers which suits him real goooooood~! haha... while showing me some samples of rims matching the car, I myself was impressed that cars have fashion too! They wear hats, they do tattoos, and even wear shoes! LOL! Anyway, after researching and looking, this Nissan Impul happens to draw my attention. Its a ice car anyway, but I really have no idea whats the spect of this model, surprisingly, I'm starting to love it. haha... sometimes really will be easily influence by Alan about cars. Hmm... Bottom line, I'm easy influenced by people in some way. hehe.. This is how the Impul looks like, Cool isn't it?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mayday Concert 2008

On 19th of April 2008, I've attended the very lively concert for the very first time, Mayday Concert!!! Mayday is such a great group which i admire, like I always say to Justin that this group performance brings a little touch of J-pop Style which I really falling in love with. As I can imagine and predicted, this concert will not be just an normal simple ordinary concert. It is far more entertaining and memorable than what I can imagine.
The group's memebers including, Ashin, the vocalist which i admire the most, he have his unique style when performing on stage. The favourite move that he always like to act is, jumping rapidly with both legs with the "V" shape. It looks silly but with style. His voice is unique, he sings with passion, he goes wild with rock songs, and his eyes is filled with love when he sings slow pop. The other members including Stone, guitarist/bass, rough looking guy but when he talks, he is really gentle!! Monster on the other hand, the guitarist/bass, his name sounds ugly but he is the best looking member of the group. His bass technic is superb and impressive! Masa, Guitarist/Pianist, the most hardcore with the hard rock looking guy! he has long hair, which looked extra ordinary from the other members. Surprisingly, he sings! Last but not least, Guan You, Drummer/Keyboards, he has a little looks of Victor Wong. When he is posses by the drum spirit, he goes wild with the drum!

Lol... Enough yaping and introduction of the memebers, bottom line is, its a worth trip to Genting for this concert. Other than this concert, nothing much is more interesting, but i appreciate going to Genting and hanging out overnite with my gym friends, Sharon, Cath and Brandon for the 1st time! Justin on the other hand, the addicted GAMBLER... LOL!! Its a fun trip but I'm sure we can do better for the next one.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hanging out & Chilling in

Recently, I really get all heat up in travelling with friends. Whatever we talks about now are all about going for trip, places to hang out, nice beautiful islands and fantastic countries to visit. At the moment we are waiting patiently for so called "well-planned" Krabi trip. Its my first trip overseas for the first time with friends after all. I'm so impatient and always imagining how nice can it be on that day. Many more future plannings for trip and looking forward to have it. But, I must try my best to save up lots of money for triping. Begining of May will be going to Penang with Ivan, which I am also very happy and looking forward to. I'm surprise, Ivan invited me to Penang which is my favourite place to go actually, despite their fabulous and yummy foods there. It'll sure be fun with Ivan around. Love hanging out with him. haha... Feel pampered and protected and comfortable with him... Oops...! come back.. hehe... Anyway, I guess when we grow up, we will learn to appreciate more things like this. The beauty of the nature, the enjoyment of traveling with friends. When I was young, hanging out and travelling never come into my mind. Only gaming stuff and some kiddo thinking haha.. Guess I'm really growing up! And getting older~ argh~!!

Beautifying Complete!

Finally after all this years I've successfully beautify my blog haha~! It took me some time to do so due to my noob-ness with html codes and computer knowledge. But I patiently read the tutorials words by words. haha~ and this is wat I get from the results. Its actually quite easy, struggling so long with the so called html codes, it actually never needed... argh~ haha.. anyway, after all the hard works, you will feel joy and satisfactory after viewing the newly modified blog (its not much different after all, just some added gadgets and with background music LOL). I hope my bloging will be more fantastic and enjoyable from now on!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Lunch time at work is getting fun

The one thing that is fun when we are at work is during lunch time! How fun and happy can it be if there are friends coming to join u for lunch together? Socializing, chatting... The most surprising thing is, Ivan came to have lunch with me haha~ he stay so far but yet he willing to come cheras to have lunch with me. How sweet. Sometimes, its about the heart and will to do so. Some people stay so near, and so free, yet they never care to ask to have lunch together! I will Treasure moments like this and appreciate it. Even on Saturday we went out dinner together with Pat & Sonia. They are amazing and fun people. Cheers~

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bored with Job

Another day, yet another boring week have passed. Almost everyday repeating the same things to do on and on, not almost .. to make it clear, its totally everyday!! Imagine.. doing the same thing again and again everyday, sitting on the same chair, looking at another boring computer screen, listening to the same boring yell and screaming and nagging from that 2 idiot boss. Sigh.. feeling bored of going to work every morning, not desired to do so. I once heard, when someone felt this way, and this kinda mentality occurs, it is showing that it is time to leave the company and head for another new enviroment. I wonder if its true? Perhaps... but I cant change job that often. Now I'm stuck in this hell place, My dear God please teach me how. LOL! But like I always tell myself, how tough life is ahead, how unhappy or how unwilling or undesired I am to a certain thing esspecially to our own job, we need to live on and stay strong! Patient Jen, patient!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

1st Blog in 2008

Gosh.. been a while i nvr blog. A little too much plan recently and busy with work hmm. Before this, I've have the best birthday celebration for so long and its 2008's, celebrated with friends, family. Cant believe that only 1 Birth date I can celebrate so many times LOL! Anyway, New year, new changes, no more kiddie stuff and must learn to be independant! Forget bout the past (esspecially those confusing so called poen that i created myself for the past few months). Will try to blog often hehe. ;)