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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


My external assesment is pospone to 19th May~!
My 3D animation presentation will be next week and i m running out of time... I just hope thay 3D animation posponed to 19th May~! lol!! I hate multimedia but i juz gotta love it to continue working on it~! Ganbatte~! :P

Istart to feel that this blog is more to entertaintment than my babling.. lol~! hmm.. just wanna share my interest with everyone.. Hope u guys like it~! hehe... i try to make this blog spot an entertaintment and also posting some of my works if i have the chance .. hehe :P

World of Warcraft

Nice game but i cant play..sob~!

Kingdom Hearts 2

Latest release of SquareEnix! see this preview... hehe

Shinobi Theme Song

Here is a MV by Ayumi Hamasaki, "Heaven", theme song for "Shinobi". Enjoy! hee hee

Shinobi Vs Samurai

Here are more actions from "Shinobi". I think I'm addicted by this movie... LOL!! Its a must watch movie! Get a DVD now! LOL

The Main Character of "Shinobi"

Here are the main characters (the couple) & DVD cover from "Shinobi"

A Ninja Day!

Feel bored today and feel like sharing a nice movie that i've watched this whole afternoon, "Shinobi". A story of love & passion of war, 2 couple of different village, in love, and in war that need to kill each other in the end... how sad... its a nice movie.. here are some trailer hehe.. enjoy!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"Nana" Movie Trailer

A story of love & music, "NANA". Enjoy!

Glamorous Sky MV

My Favourite MV by Mika Nakashima

Mika Nakashima

Catch Nakashima in "Nana" ! Never regret watching it! Thumbs up!

Mika Nakashima! My favaurite J-Pop Artist! She's Cool & unique!

My First Blog!

At last! I've created a blog of my very own today! LOL... Thanks to "I" :P
Nothing much to talk bout today, just finnish my internal assessment last friday & it was like hell. Try to relax in this few days hehe.
Will add more bog & try my best to post more things here in the future~!