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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Whisper of the Heart

Speaking about Law of Attraction, this is totally opposite from it. Thinking of positivity, that makes possibility, but still my mind can't expel those negativity.

I always feels that being alone is filled with freedom and privacy. But I didn't know sometimes being with friends can also feel empty. Perhaps is the mind that is floating elsewhere causing emptiness. But feeling empty, is not totally empty with nothing to give. Tears still will be flowing out.

I realized that the most sorrowful and hurtful feeling is being neglected, treated cold and forgotten. Should I feel bad and blame the person who give me the heartache? Or should I thank the person for breaking my heart, so that I can be stronger? Conclusion to this, no matter what's the outcome, heart is aching and it's totally not a good feeling...

Law of Attraction

Love this quote.... Hope to try it and make it happen :)

"Imagine it, realized it, make an concrete image and keep thinking of what you crave for....
Absorb only Positive thoughts....

Your mind is like a mirror and will reflect your dream to the universe and attract all the positive things back to you...."