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Monday, January 19, 2009

Bad Hair Day?!

This morning, rushing to work, then got late. The most funny thing is, when i m coming down from my car, my heels just broke off all the sudden. Sigh~! I'm so walking like a disable in the office for the whole day today! Seriously feel like changing a pair of sport shoes right now! argh~ Feel so bad!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cute Durex Ad

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2009 Mood Low

Today getting a prompting message from Simon Chong, stating that my blog is not up-to-date enough since its already the new year 2009 now. So I decide to update it a little. Really have a low mood these days no matter what am I doing especially in working hours. Everyday waking up in the morning having the feeling of taking a "EL", every morning wakes up with same word in my mind telling myself "how come dawn comes so soon!?" while I haven't even enjoy the sleep that I need every night. Sigh... Bottom line is, I got no mood to go to work. Maybe its because of the holidays mood. But frankly speaking, who have the mood to work haha!

Since is new year and even everyone having the CNY mood cuz its just around the corner now. Ifelt that 2008 passed by too soon. Resolution is not even confirmed yet and 2008 just leave like that. Kinda miss 2008 as it is not to say a very superb year, but its number is nice haha! Silly~! Anyway, Time to work hard no matter what cuz I felt that 2009 is gonna be another tough year. Everything need to start over from the whole year! Geez~!

Just a little update, about last year's event on christmas day and also new year day. Enjoyed a very special birthday party of Simon's on the 26th Dec which is the boxing day! Cool plans and nice deco as for a Birthday Party! I did appreiate that I'm actually invited to such special event haha! Oh yeah and also I'm quite impressed on the little card that i design for Simon. Hope he likes it as it is a last min job. Oh boy! Other than that, a gym member, Joe, has his wedding on 27th Dec. Another special day cuz its a wedding day! Enjoyed the nite, but after a few glass of whisky and wine, head gone spinning and cant even continue on to karaoke that nite. Just attended less than half session of karaoke! Sigh!

Crap! On the next day I've fallen sick with a high fever, and basically, my holidays is not a very enjoyable 1 after all as I need to rest at home to recover. But lucky I'm not left out with new year eve celebration. But I'm telling myself it will be the last 1 I'm ever gonna packed with ppl at peek places like the curve! Going there is not a problem, smooth and doing fine, but getting home is a big hella problem! We get caught in the jam, although I love Body Jam that much but i really hate to get in a jam on the road! Plus its not just on the road! Its in the basement of the curve! I think we caught there jaming for approximately 2 hours!! Dear Lord~! Ended up reaching home at 2:30am. Oh well. Its still fine and enjoying it as long its happening.

Now, every fun moments is over, time to sit back in the office and work! Like what I am doing now! Bored~ haha! More stressfull event coming up soon as I have a lot of work will follow up soon! The only thing that can get me moving is CNY, Should think of it to arrive every moment so that I;m motivated to move these days haha!