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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Body Jam Training

It has been some time when I've figure out myself to join the Body Jam training, a Les Mills program. With many positive encouragement from friends around me and many instructors as well who gives encouragement so that I will go for this training, and finally I've made up my mind to do so.

Its another 2 more days till the training day arrive. Past few weeks ago was very nervous, feeling anxious, and worried. Now feeling slightly better. Should have pump in more self confident for myself to face this challenge.

I hope I'm fine and can do it well. Although still a little nervous. But, will always tell myself I'm ready to face it! "Have fun and enjoy" is what everyone told me to be ready of! I wanna shine! Here I come BJ Training!! :D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fading Trust?

Humans are very complicated creatures on earth. It's because they have a mind to think too much no matter from the simplest thing to the most terrifying act. Recently, really felt restless. Why people who are what we think they are turns out to be someone strange. It's just like a stranger who are always being close with us. Its really horrifying to even think about it.

Maybe my mind flies over the clouds and over-thought of stuff that might not happened? Or it is really as what my mesmerizing thoughts could be? Perhaps its a myth. I wonder...

I'm losing trust. Disappointment. What else can human really do? Sometimes it does filled me with lots of hatred. It gives me the shivers to ever imagined and fantasize about it.

Dear friends, please think twice and use the mind that human have to think rationally and not selfishly. A mind can be positive and negative. If its a good way to make things good, why not do the good deeds instead? Need not acts that really have bad motif on the other side.

Friday, February 19, 2010


很多时候 有些事情 不需要把它抓得太紧.
如果你真的很在意, 不想等待, 需要确认, 你未必等.
打个电话问一问 得个肯定 也不难.
换个角度来看 不一定是要别人现告诉你.

我觉得你所说的全部都是用 “我” 这个字来做出发点.
如果这只是你的想法 那不是有点自私吗?

朋友,如果觉得不肯定 就未必等到最后一分钟才问.
很多时候 你也是个很slumber的人.

你要知道 你付出多少 不代表你能得回多少.
所以不要总是 付出时就有那种人家会应为你曾经为他付出过,
所以一定会 站在你那边, 一定为你伸出援手 的心态. 这些就是心机.

你曾经说过 那些心机不是拿来用在朋友身上.

很多时候 做些事前希望你能考虑效果.
我相信 醉中是有3分清醒的. 我也是有试过喝醉酒的感觉.

脑袋是清醒的 还能控制自己的行为的. 不需要借酒行凶的.
请留点尊严给自己. 你做得爽不代表人家看得爽.
也看得出你有种耍心机的行为 让我心里觉得很不舒服 又很生气.

我做人比较straight forward. 不喜欢假装什么.
想到什么就说什么. 应觉带面具讲话很辛苦.
对朋友也一样. 何必让来让去,闪来闪去.
人家对我好我就对他好. 得不到回报也没关系.
我只是想对人好. 付出过后人家开心那就是个很好的回报了.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Heart Content

Dear Friends, I appreciate you guys. I know I might be very dependent sometimes. My characteristics shows that I am someone who always seeking for reliability as well. I know that you guys are all concern bout me. Really thank you a lot! I'm not being self centered. Maybe I'm the type who really don't know how to really express myself. Many people seems to feel confuse bout me and can't really read me.

Recently am really a bit down. And I know that you guys really feel heart ache seeing me like this. But I m sure, I will heal. I just need time. I'm trying my best to be cheerful when outing with you guys. I am really trying my best. If it still can't conceal my sadness and sorrow, I am really sorry. I'm still a normal human after all. All I can do is just motivate and support others positively. That's my philosophy. Cuz I believe no point using negative words and thoughts towards the people I really care of. But when it comes to myself, talk is cheap. I can't motivate myself with those positive words that i showered upon my friends.

Came through something from the radio when I was down, driving home. "The greatest magician of all is Time. It heals and will make magic to your life". I can only rely on it right now. Friends, we all need time. Maybe its a chance for me to grow up as well. Thank you and appreciate all of you guy's concern. Fortunate to have friends that cares.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Song in My Heart

Love is not a easy game to play. The rhythm is really hard to catch.

Feeling really bad, when misunderstandings occur. I'm not sad, not angry, just brokened heart. The scene of us together, the things we've done, keep replaying themselves in my mind causing sleepless nights.

Your breath drips into my heart, my love, just like rain drops. I wish I can just cry my worries, my sorrows, my fears out. But I can't cry a single tear. Perhaps the rain will replace my tears.

Your emotions, your expressions are like the weather, rapidly changing. My foot steps are not quick enough to chase the speed of the changes.

Everything is still blured from my sight, but I rather not to be too clear bout reality.

The only thing I can say is, I'm true and I'm really sincere. Whatever I did, My actions, My deeds, are all sincere.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Missing someone is suffering.