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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson's Fact

Finally it has been officially announced that MJ is innocent for the child sexual abuse accusations on Jordan Chandler, 1993 was fake! MJ is innocent! For so many years, I myself doubt that MJ would commit such act and scandal, finally came to an end when he is dead!

MJ really loves all children and did a lot of charity to shelter them. Now MJ's image totally change in my heart and hope others who hates MJ will change their views on him as well! Rest in Peace MJ, in heaven!

Lose Fat, Keep Fit Competition

The Keep Fit and losing Fat competition is finally started. Our team members organized by our self to self motivate each of us to lose fat and be fit.

Working out alone is boring work and frustrating work especially when we got no one to motivate us and no fun in doing so. We will be lazy and often cheats to ourselves. This competition is not about winning but to motivate each of us to keep fit in a healthy manner and also enjoying the working out moments.

My philosophy, "Be Beautiful, as long we are beautiful, anything works!". To all my friends in the member; Alice, Watashi, Gina, Vernon, Amy, Sue, Jack, Ganbatte! Work together to be beautiful!

Always remember, DO NOT ABUSE your tummy! Remember to eat, not leaving your tummy empty for workout. Eat healthily and balanced meal and be beautiful! Keep it up! Awaiting the results on October 1st. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack Jack!

Today is Jack's B'day, and it turn out to be very fun and happy. Jack says that this is the 1st time he celebrates his birthday with his friends! So I've an idea so that we all celebrate for him for the first time. His mood seems to be very good, very happy too~ Seeing him that happy makes me feel happy as well! Today is really a happy day! Hope this will be Jack Jack's most memorable and happy birthday!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Miracle 09'

The Miracle 09' Event, that was held by Fitness First has finally been ended last nite, and its a such memorable nite for me. My Team D'javu, been through so many ups and downs obstacles, and finally we prove ourself to perform well on that day! Although victory is far away from our grasp, but I really enjoyed myself so much. Felt really worth the practice, sweat and tears alike, after performing well and get many positive feedbacks from many people who witness the performance! Apart of that, I also appreciate this event cuz its not only for fund raising and it benefits us such as getting along together as friends!

This really bring back a lot of memories from Miracle 08'! Once again my favourite competitor are joining this event this year! and we are enjoying every moment and second of it! We compete in a positive manner, and also support each other together! They are the TIPs! Congratulation to them for getting the victory and they've made a Miracle! If they are any chance that we will be competing each other again, I'm pleased to join as when I see their teamwork, friendships and supporters are all in one, this makes me appreciate them and respect them even more. Its a good example for us to follow!

Bottom line, althoug with a bit of disapointment, but this reflects more of the good and happy sides of this event! Enjoy TIP on ur victory prizes and I;m looking forward for our free movie pass that we get and hope to watch movies together okay?! :)