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Friday, July 31, 2009

The After Effect of Moodiness

Everyone have emotions, mood swings and way to express them no matter releasing on someone, show the whole wide world that you are moody, putting temper on, and keep it to themselves to prevent the after effect of moodiness.

Recently, the people I know seems to get moody very easily. Before this I thought that I'm the most moody, emotional person among all the people I know. Cuz I tend to get sad all of a sudden and always unhappy in front of my friends. One of the reason is to draw their attention for some kindness from them. But all this is like, what if u get those kindness? People around you will feel the impact and stress from the effect of you emo-ing.

Sometimes I felt that, it is ok to get moody once in a blue moon but if it come so suddenly always and so often, its kinda stress and its a pressure you put on your friends. Always try to control, not everyone knows how you feel. If its your personal problem, settle it in your personal way. No point expressing too much to your friends giving them pressure. If its among your friends, speak out the problem and let them know what are you unhappy of better than people having wild guesses and make the situation even worst.

To all my friends that are always moody, it is not wrong to get moody but please reconsider it when you plan to show your mood swing. If its not regarding them, its kinda innocent for them to feel the impact from you. if you feel like sharing why are you moody please do so, as no one can read it on your face. The reason wont be written on your face. If you don't plan to share, please keep that moody face and be happy.

Bottom line, don't get obsessed with mood swings. Getting all sad wont help anything to make anything better. If the problem occur or already happened, no point dwelling there for too long. Get over it and be happy. Being happy and smile always. It will sooth your sadden heart and keep you away from all kinds of sickness! Staying happy in life is the main point for everyone who lives here. No one wanna be sad for the whole life. So what are you waiting for? Cheer up and be happy living your life!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Its been some time I did not blog here. Just some updates of the events I've been going through this few weeks. Finally did a photography session with my beloved friends at Putrajaya. It's fun and all of us "Models Wanna Be" really pose our heart out that day. Even some of them who seldom take pictures become addicted to be snapped each days now!! By the way, I somehow experience how models actually do their work and its not an easy task for them. Looking good is not just saying and posing. It took us only few hours but we really suffer under the hot sun and imagine the REAL models got to pose for whole day from day to night! Anyway we enjoyed ourselves that day and get ourselves really tired and hope to bed early that night haha!

Apart of that, we are having a birthday celebration with my Gor Gor at Wong Kok!! Its his first celebration with us, hope he is happy with it. We had fun also enjoyed the cam whoring session in the whole Wong Kok. Damn noisy until feel tables also cant stand us and switch places some even left. LOL!

After rainy days will always have happy moments but after happy moments also will come another rainy day! I will be jobless soon! Again! Sigh! Phobia of job hunting! Sob... Anyway, I will stay strong to endure this Monsoon period, as my courage and strength are my family and friends that truly supports me. ;)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Friends, climb together, and grip each other when one of them are falling. Feel happy to know you guys! Happening people to be with.

Being friends, its called fate and its not just each individual matter. We share, and whatever we do together effects each other.

Friends stays as friends at the present and last as friends forever.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Mood Low on Sunday

Recently realize that I will get moody on Sunday nites! Weird. Sometimes really don't know what am I moody of. I keep questioning myself, am I moody because of work? But I always tell myself it's not about the works. Or maybe I miss my friends? Today I really miss my friends a lot. Maybe because of the Saturday nite fever. Hehe. Or maybe, I'm missing someone? I really don't know.

Sometimes is it right to miss someone? Not sure about it. Does missing someone proves that you've fallen in love with that someone? I don't get it. I always think i know myself best but there are actually some parts in me that I've never venture in before and it really feel strange and feels even more lost about myself. I cant find the things I want to find. I don't know my aim. I don't know where am I heading to. I don't know what am I seeking. I need something that I dunno what is the need.

Maybe these are the small things and spaces in my heart that I cant seek and lost and almost got no understanding of, and the reason of me being moody for nothing? I'm Lost :(

Saturday Nite Fever!

Went to the club with happening friends. Super fun! Will be awaiting for next plan to club! Also cant wait for the Melacca plan on August 1! Time for relax!