On Air

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spliting Mind

It's really a dilemma. I've enjoyed my oversea trip, expecting to clear off the mind, seeking calmness and serenity. But sometimes unexpected things will happen and it will even make u confuse or perhaps adding in some new stuff when u clear off the old. I do enjoy my trip. Feel contended but somehow, felt something is missing. Some part of me is missing and I don't think I'm able to seek it back.

Tonight, I feel that my mind is splitting. Apparently both route is a good route. But somehow I cant figure out which route is the route then trigger the emotional cause. Which route that I'm feeling hard for to travel on? Just hope that one day I will find the light to guide me through this road, to my answer. Waiting and walking unknown routes might be amusing and interesting, but somehow we will feel lost too...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Once again, Confusion

I wonder is everyone has the limit of confusion in some period of time. I'm really lost and I am afraid of losing myself as well. I can't feel the reality lately. I hope I'm not dwelling in my dreams too much. I need an answer. I know I need an answer. But I don't know what answer am I seeking because I don't have a specific question to start out with. I can feel my heart trembling. My mind is flying away to the things I want. Perhaps too much? Or maybe I lack security. I need to feel secure.