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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When come to think about friends, people who come in my mind is those people who really understands me, treat me good. It doesn't matter how long you've known your friends, no matter its new, or a year or even 10 years. So what if you've known each other for 10 years? If you are not happy with a single thing they do, you are still not happy about it. Reminds me of what Gina told me. You like them and feel good bout them because you are new with them, you are not clear of their characteristic, you will tend to give way, let them get the flashlights, in order to please them so that they feel happy about it and wont damage the friendship. After all, its only one party doing the job, maintaining the friendship. Its not so fair after all rite? Friendship is about both party, working things out to the best.

Recently, am not very happy with some friends. Its not because I've known new, sweet and cheerful friends and neglect the old one. I felt that their thinking is a bit negative at times, materialistic a little, only see whats good in them and whats bad on others which I dun really like it because, some people are those that not even in contact or known us. Its a bit weird to hate someone or talking bad bout someone you hardly even know. Most importantly, you only get complains, critics, insults from them when you treat them as true friends. Its matter of mentality, heart and acts. Many things in a relationship no matter as friends or couple, is affected by the things that they do, and the mentality of a person, positive or negative. How you act and how sincere you treat your friend, I'm sure there are good return.

I get compliments (a lot) from Victor. I'm flattered, always flying in cloud 9 feeling that am I really such good person? Maybe sometimes I'm always thinking that I'm the one that always giving problem to friends, being sassy and childish, moody. But surprisingly, Victor says that I'm a good friend, I'm considerate, I know how to talk like, making sure my friends know whats the mistake without hurting or making them feel hatred. Really am surprised. Thanks Victor for such compliment. Will do my best even more next time.

As I've just mentioned about sweet friends, although our friendship is new, I hope its true, and will last forever. Because as far as I've known them, they have good mentality, physically and most important thing, I see them treat their friends with heart. Its all about the heart!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Heart Sharing Content!

Mood get really low this few days. Since Sunday, after the announcement of my sis' group singing competition, about they need to re-shuffle all the group members to balance up their vocal abilities. Although it sounds disappointing, but there is nothing we can do bout it cuz its already been decided and we just need to accept as it is even though its weird. Wanted to post this blog when my mood is really really low, but, according to my dear friend, this blog will turn out to be a complaining space for me and i don't want it to be one. But take it as a sharing and update about my life.

Sometimes I felt that, people come and go in our life. Things, that you don't like, repeats it self when the problem is not solved. Friends, its hard to meet those who really know how you feel, and understands you. But humans, don't like to hear the truth. So, when we have friends that always hurt our feelings, not serious about the things we acted, take things lightly as a friend, we should voice out, as my experience, when we keep it to our self, we get double the damage. We hurt our self once, and our friends hurt us the second and vice-versa. No matter how bad you feel, no matter how hard for you to voice out, the best choice is still voicing out the problem. If a friend treats you as someone important, they will understand. If a friend that feels bad of what you trying to tell, cannot accept the reality and continue to target your weak points and take advantage on it, you are just someone taken lightly to them, not a serious friend and not some friend that is important to them.

I've always heard friends telling me, saying things like, "we are friends, so close that we can ignore getting hurt by each other, that is why we keep on making fun and don't have to take things seriously". To me, yes, it's something you do as a close friend. But targeting on the same thing, when you are not happy with, its just a mere silly excuse. How close you are with your friends, i still think that, taking advantage on the weak points of someone is still the worst thing to do. A true friend will tell you how much he/she hates you, remind your weakness but not stabbing on the weak point in you. They laugh cuz they are happy, not laugh cuz of you are weak. Make fun of you on your funny thoughts but not making fun of your weakness. To able to have friends, to know each other, I think it is fate. So I will treasure all my friendship. But when I'm disappointed and hurt, I guess I wont give up on that friendship, but I will just, give back the same feedback as what i receive. Wont be serious with them, take them lightly. It sounds selfish, but it's the only way to reduce my sadness and more disappointment.

Today, I felt better cuz I go through a blog that Gina sent me to read. Surprised, it's Victor's blog! I'm touched and almost burst out in tears. He really show his gratitude, feel thankful to have friends that he really treasured. And I feel proud that I actually play a important person that makes him happy in his life as well. Feel really blessed. To Victor, it's my pleasure to be your friend, on times when you or me are down, we should share whatever and exchange our ideas. Agree? *Wink* Cheers!

I hope that everyone will treasure friendship. Because, when you are sad or heart broken, other than your family members, the only person you will turn to will be your friends.