On Air

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fading Trust?

Humans are very complicated creatures on earth. It's because they have a mind to think too much no matter from the simplest thing to the most terrifying act. Recently, really felt restless. Why people who are what we think they are turns out to be someone strange. It's just like a stranger who are always being close with us. Its really horrifying to even think about it.

Maybe my mind flies over the clouds and over-thought of stuff that might not happened? Or it is really as what my mesmerizing thoughts could be? Perhaps its a myth. I wonder...

I'm losing trust. Disappointment. What else can human really do? Sometimes it does filled me with lots of hatred. It gives me the shivers to ever imagined and fantasize about it.

Dear friends, please think twice and use the mind that human have to think rationally and not selfishly. A mind can be positive and negative. If its a good way to make things good, why not do the good deeds instead? Need not acts that really have bad motif on the other side.