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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back in Every Year

It's been a while. From my last post regarding my BodyJam Training, till now, I'm a full fledged BodyJam Instructor. Of course with lots of hard work and effort infused in it.

Another year has been passed. Am riding a brand new year now. With new mindsets, new task, new challenges, new happiness and sorrows. Ever since 2011 started, my emotions are like the waves. Going up and down. I don't think it's a good thing or a good sign. But unfortunately, emotions are just difficult to be controlled. I will never admit that myself is a strong person. I'm always weak physically and mentally.

Talking bout weak. Just recovered from bad fever and flu. Right up till now am not fully recovered yet. This will add on some waves into my daily emotions. Found out that this is really the killing combo that really sucks big time! Sick plus emotional equals disasters!!

By the way, something actually bothering myself. I hope I will find my light and guide me to the right route. Sometimes am really lost. No directions. Feel so helpless and insecure. And i seriously want happiness. Realized that when a person is getting older, thoughts seems to fly more in mind and will caused unhappiness. I wanna be happy again. I missed my school days. I miss those days which we need not think too much and just have fun with our lives without worries. I really missed those days so badly. Do you?