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Friday, May 09, 2008

Penang Trip, Day 2

Day 2, woke up early in the morning, getting ready to get our breakfast at market somewhere in Jelutong. Typical market like anywhere else, but the food still is number 1. After that we have a short walk and look around in the market and we move off quick cuz the sun is killing us and i m melting like candle! haha

After brekkie, we visited the temple, which requested by the gals. Some said that this temple (Kuanyin Temple) is very good for matchmaking for single girls. LOL!

After the hot and long waiting for in the temple, all we need now is some cooler to cool down and chill. So we decided to have a bowl of chilly Cendol as the chiller! Yummy~

After Chilling out with some light meal, we stoped by to get some pickles and biscuit from Penang then later on we stop half way to view the beach. We did not go down to have a walk along the shore but we view the beach from above. I guess the beach view is still a very relaxing place to rest and hang out for a moment. At least I felt that beach really calm us down and give us some peace of mind from our busy and stressful life.

After a whole afternoon trip, we head back to the hotel to have the afternoon nap cuz the night will be so young! Night time we decided to have dinner at the hawker nearby our hotel. Food was not bad and there are a variety of selections from heavy foods to finger snacks.

We are enjoying the "apam" hehe!

After dinner and all we are getting ready to head out to Penang clubs. Hmm... personaly, Penang is a nice place, nice food, good outdoor enviroment, but, not the clubs!! Not saying that its bad but to put it this way, it's too mixed up!! But overall their songs is nice and we had a great time there. We left quite early and we had "hokkien white porridge" for supper. The next day is our last day hanging out cuz we will be leaving at noon. Sad~

All done and set!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Penang Trip, Day 1

Finally get the pics from Ivan, and its time for me to start the penang journey in my blog! Wheee~ Haha... In this post I will be talking about the arrival to penang, the 1st day of the trip. Although we travel such a long way, imagine 4 hours of hectic, tiring journey in the car! Whoops, My ass is flat! But overal the trip was fantastic ever since the begining of the journey.

Let's talk bout the hotel we are staying in. The 1st place we head off to is, of cause LUNCH to fill our hungry tummy and taste the "normal-est" hawker food in Penang after that heading to the the hotel, B Suite Hotel, a newly developing hotel in penang town. Overal it provide good hospitality to us, big and beautiful room, comfortable bed and a relaxing bathroom (especially the rain drops shower, whooo~ missed that!) Here is how the rooms looks like :)

After Checking in, and rest for the afternoon, our next destination is DINNER! Hmm, didn't know that there is a "Little Genting" in Penang too! Its a beautiful place with beautiful scenery, we actually met our friend, Fai & Joshua, who lives in Penang and they brought us around! Thanks guys! Back to little Penang. We enjoyed Thai food there, and the SUNSET! Its awsome, nice scene of sunset and the food is not so bad after all.

The scenery from high above we can see the sea and some padi field, also some small area where people are living in. It's a nice view.

Yummy food
About the food here, it's Thai food! Hmm... Its so far ok. We had something like "sirih" in Thai style. It taste special, eating leaves LOL!! Then we had Green Curry, its the best dish in this meal i guess cause it caused Delores to had rice!! Lolz! The fried "kangkung" is special too. Its heaty but I cant stand it to take a few more bites! Hehe!! After that we had the "pandan chicken", "Thai style otak-otak", "tom yam soup" and "kerapu seafood". Its good cause it has prawns and I just Luvvvv Prawnsss~ Yummy! Then.. our tummy is filled, satisfy and its time to enjoy the sunset and the enviroment of the restaurant.
The sunset is so beautiful isn't it?

Jen , Ivan, Joshua, Fai

Sonia, Ivan, Jen, Delores enjoying the night and enviroment there!

Next stop, we went to have fried oyster with egg for supper. Yummy~!

We headed back to hotel, and then we have a quick advance celebration for Delores birthday, with a birthday cheese cake that Joshua made for her! Cool!

For the 2nd day trip, I will keep it updated ASAP! Keep track!