On Air

Saturday, April 07, 2012


Human do change. Just a short period of time, everything can be haywire. Expectation too much leads to disaster. I think I still did not learn well. Regret on my deeds. Although my hopes are high.

I wish I can turn back time. This 3 days of depression, I really experience it well. It kills your appetite, your moods and your hype. All in mind was clouded by the person I really love. But myself ruin it by my own bare hands and deeds.

Everyday, I wish to sleep. I'm not a sleeping person to start with. But this 3 days, I really wants to sleep because I find that sleeping will make your mind stop thinking of all this depressions. But, when I'm a wake, its mere hell. Depression clouded me once I open my eyes. Feels the suffering.

Whenever the things we did together flashes back in my mind, it's actually slicing my flesh and breaking my heart pieces to pieces. I don't know how long can I stand for this. But, as people always says, nothing last forever. Even pain.

Should I continue to expect for miracles? Or change my methods to Hope perhaps? Expecting will make you disappointed. But Hope, will make u waiting without disappointment? I'm kinda lost. Oh dear Lord, please guide me. I really am lost and need the light of your guidance.

I really love you. Even you are not the one for me or I'm not the one for you, I still love you. You are the one that is always in my mind. I just don't know but, I love you...