On Air

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jobless Days

It has been then 2nd week I'm jobless after I'm back from Hong Kong trip! Its a splendid trip, at least I'm chilled and feeling better and off from worries for the week. Now I'm back here jobless, although enjoying it but having a slight worry and feeling useless sitting at home.

Will begin a job hunt soon when my portfolio is complete! As I know they are a lot of event coming up next.

Tonight, feeling a bit miserable and a slight feeling of moodiness again. Will always remind myself to be happy and tough. Feeling a bit too reliable on others and super duper need attention and caring. Don't know why, maybe that's my nature.

Thanks to everyone that notice and cared for me :)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hong Kong 2009

Been moody for almost a week now. Time to reset my mind and give them a new mindset. I hope all this will get better in time. I lost my job, and some complicated maters occur that lead me to my broken heart. Everything seems come all at a time and giving my mind a hardcore workout!!

Anyway, this week is my last week I will be here in this company. A bit heavy hearted to live this place and the people here except 1 person! LOL! And I will leave Malaysia to Hong Kong this Sunday!! SCHWEEEEET~!

Its a good thing, after a sadden broken heart with full of unnecessary thoughts and worries, leaving to a vacation with my family to cool down and relax for a week. But many people told me that the H1N1 case is getting worst in Hong Kong, which makes me feel worried. But anyway, as long we keep our self hygienic enough i guess everything will be fine! Pray hard.

To all my lovely friends, i might not be able to meet you guys for maybe 2 weeks now. Will miss you guys so badly! This few days will play hard with you guys! Hehe! 1 week for my vacation and another week for my quarantine! Its a good chance to clear my mind off as well.

Gina, too bad I cant be able to celebrate your birthday with the rest of them! I'm missing the fun! I'll try my best to get a present for you from Hong Kong okay? Have fun and more surprises for you on your birthday! Happy Birthday in Advance!

Sunday, August 02, 2009


Some might say, love is like, fairytale
But I say, love can be, hurtful still
Cos we are, all human
we all make mistake and never regret
We know we won't be together is just a matter of time
Just a matter of time

We never speak with all the truth from heart
We made it wrong and we broke it from start
No matter how we tried and tried
Even though we cried and cried and cried

We'll never fix the wound that's lying inside
We might as well just let it die and say goodbye
Maybe one day we'll realize
The reasons hiding behind


Just came back from Melacca trip with my superb friends. Enjoyed the trip and feel that its really not enough and wanting for more. We even start planning for our next week. Although much had happened during the trip, surprises and shocked situations, heart broken and tears, but I feel that this friendship, no matter what kinda situation occur, we may be able to face it and overcome it in a way. No hard feelings of each and everyone of us. I believe that in the future, we can overcome our problem together and face obstacles with the same easy and mature way. Friends forever. I miss all of you so very much...