On Air

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Gathering

Today, I have different feelings get mixed up.. Should i be happy, sad or boring? Went to Mid Valley with my friends to help one of my friend find a present for his gf 21st birthday! Looking for a present for a gal (esspecially GF!) is so troublesome... Cant just simply get it , cant be too cheap , too expensive cant afford , & cant be too simple! The hardest thing ever to do is finding a gift for someone special!! (not only someone special.. most of them.. lol!) Finally found something he want it.. hehe!

And the time comes to THE GATHERING! Happy that they showed up, but kinda late as usual.. Many changes & i miss them so much! (i think) LOL!! Unfortunately, they left early & i need to left early cuz my fren have some problems at home... sob... hope to have another best gathering soon!