On Air

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Me as your Remedy

I truly hope, that I can make you feel better. I Hope that I have the ability to heal and sooth your soul. I wished that I'm your medicine. I believe, my words, my conversations with you will let you forget all your sorrows and depressions. I want to be your Remedy :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


当我思念的心 泛滥的时候
看着你的样子 是你在伤心
揪心的是 我的离开
看你装无辜的眼神 我很窒息
难道你没有看见 看见我对你的好

你说我傻 傻在爱上只懂爱自己的人
我说你傻 傻在爱他你的眼睛骗不了人
我们都傻 傻在为一段没有未来的爱情付出

你说我傻 傻在爱上没有感情的分身
我说你傻 傻在爱他就固执的奋不顾身
我们都傻 傻在宁愿被牺牲也不愿意放弃天真

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Gor Gor

This is the 2nd time my gor gor give me a hug. The first time was when i bought him a gift for Christmas and this time, he concerns bout me cuz he knows that i'm sad and feeling down. The best part was, when he hugged me, he says "it's ok, everything will be fine". It makes big different with that words he says combining it with his actions. Thanks gor gor.... :)