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Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Heart Reflects the Violet Sky

Here comes moody nights and feelings again. This is my first time blogging here with my brand new PC! (Proud) Hehe! Tonight feeling a bit moody. Maybe because of tiredness after presenting for the miracle event that will be held on 13th June 2009. Not so moody of getting the lowest mark after all haha! Just that some slight blue feeling running through my head and screaming in my heart.

Been wondering, they are many things in life, reflecting what's past and done, words spoken, decisions in life that had been made. Any regrets? Even there is, we cant turn back to correct it but to move on to improve ourselves. Talk is cheap. When it comes to act, its not that easy after all. Always being someone that cheering people up with all the motivating words, positivity, but been wondering am I acting from what I'm saying to people all the while? No.

Things happened a lot recently (not a lot actually). Condolences to Gina's dad that just passed away on Monday, also to Alison's & Sharon's dad on the same day. This makes me think that life can be so fragile. No one knows how long we can actually live. Only need to keep telling myself, treasure every moment, everything we do.

Recently, a friend of mine, who always say I'm his best friend, the best person he had ever known, for all his life he finally met someone that treats him as a true friend, begins to change his view over me. He seldom talks to me, seems to be a bit low when I'm around. Maybe I did something wrong to him that i did not notice? If so, I need to apologize to him. Hope he know who he is.

Just being clear to myself and everyone who knows me, from the beginning till now, my traits is still there, I'm still what I am, for those friend that known me for a very long time, maybe I've change, but i really hope that I changed in a good way as in improving myself. Maybe some friends of mine will tell me that I've become someone that is very realistic, materialistic and so on, but, I find that's the only way people live on to be tough I guess. Maybe I've become someone that's harsh? Or Someone that who don't really cares much. Maybe its because I've met too many disappointment in life. Too many friends that I've appreciate before, disappointed me. Even now there are still friends that disappoint me a lot. Maybe this is part of human? This is the way human live? Not sure bout that. To those friends that known me after I have change, that's me. And that's how I am when you've known me. Maybe I'm a complicated person for you to know deeper? You need to know me more to know bout that. I've always know that human are not perfect. Human have emotions, anger. So do I. Even angels get enraged when they are angered. Hope I'm not too draggy.

All this things come in to my mind all of the sudden and I'm feeling moody bout it. Too many things to worry about? Too many responsibilities to be burdened of? Perhaps.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Sim : 3

The Sim : 3 finally is releasing soon!! Can't wait to play this game. While reading the reviews and info bout this game, really tempting my heart to get it soon. So happened, it's released at the time also i get my new PC! Nice Shot~ Lolz! Anyway, this is the thing that makes my moody heart a little happier at least. ;)