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Friday, September 25, 2009

After a Long Break

It's been damn long i did not blog here. Recently feelings get a lot mixed up and feeling confuse. Just a slight update on the happenings around me and my friends from the last time i blog.

I've been jobless for a month and money seems to get a bit low and starting get nervous, desperate for money and a job although i enjoyed staying and chilling at home. It really feels so good, with less worries of works and you can enjoy every minutes and every hour at home, on your bed, watching TV and relaxing yourself.

Not so long from then, I've found a job really near my house which makes me walks to work on my first day! But it's really not enjoyable at all and i decided to drive to work even it's super near! Been working here for 2nd week. It was hell then on my first day. Felt lost and the job scope here is not to my liking. Until today, I'm still do not prefer myself working in a place like this! Anyway, i will be having an interview again and hope it turned out well!

After all the stressful days, our gang is planning to go hiking at Broga Hill, Semenyit. It's a nice place but unfortunately, i don't really know how to admire and appreciate this kinda extreme outing. But overall is a fun to get together and healthy hang out!

Thanks to the photographer we got many nice pictures and nice scenery photos all taken by him! :)

Aside from that, the previous night was the mid autumn night and i had dinner with Gina's family cuz I'm alone for this mid autumn celebration due to my family went back to hometown for my cousin's wedding dinner. After that we had held a small moonlight party at Gina's place. It was fun, enjoying the candles and lantern although the feeling is not the same as childhood times anymore. Realized that when we grow up, our patience is in our way. Due to the strong winds blowing, we cant concentrate on lighting up much lantern cuz the candles always get blown off, which caused me to be so inpatient and stop playing them for a while. But getting a long is the main purpose of this moonlight party though!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Merdeka 2009 Outing Day!

It's a bit weird that this public holiday at KL is not so crowded as the usual public holidays even lesser than weekends! Today, 4 guys decided to hang out for outing and I feel that its such a waste for a public holiday to be wasted just sitting boringly at home so Watashi and me decided to hop out to Times Square to tag along with Darnell who is doing his little shopping there. Later on we have a little walk around with some drinks and Justin tag along with us for dinner and movie, at Pavilion! Too bad no cam whoring today! :(

Window shopping makes me feel so tempted especially on so many nice stuff and most importantly the Mega Sales is still on but I manage to control myself from spending a lot. We went to visit Jack Jack too and I saw an Anime series that is having promotion. Cheap and without hesitating, I told Jack Jack to put it into my shopping cart! LOL!

Later on we watched Disney Pixar's "UP". At 1st I thought that its kinda boring movie just thinking to enjoy the animated 3D motion and graphics. But it turned out to be not bad at all! Its a bit touching and also with some fantasy feel! Worth watching after all. And I realize that dogs can be so smart and super funny!!

After movie, we decide to have a drink with Kevin, who will be his last day here in Malaysia tonight and will be back on January 2010. Just a mini catch up farewell with him. Always take care Kevin when you are in China! All the best to you! He is a very understanding friend and whenever I have problem to discuss with him, will always feel good after our discussion! Maybe its due to his Chinese Literature studies which make him very knowledgeable and with a mature open mind! Will always remember you! Keep in touch with MSN OK Kevin!