On Air

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spliting Mind

It's really a dilemma. I've enjoyed my oversea trip, expecting to clear off the mind, seeking calmness and serenity. But sometimes unexpected things will happen and it will even make u confuse or perhaps adding in some new stuff when u clear off the old. I do enjoy my trip. Feel contended but somehow, felt something is missing. Some part of me is missing and I don't think I'm able to seek it back.

Tonight, I feel that my mind is splitting. Apparently both route is a good route. But somehow I cant figure out which route is the route then trigger the emotional cause. Which route that I'm feeling hard for to travel on? Just hope that one day I will find the light to guide me through this road, to my answer. Waiting and walking unknown routes might be amusing and interesting, but somehow we will feel lost too...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Once again, Confusion

I wonder is everyone has the limit of confusion in some period of time. I'm really lost and I am afraid of losing myself as well. I can't feel the reality lately. I hope I'm not dwelling in my dreams too much. I need an answer. I know I need an answer. But I don't know what answer am I seeking because I don't have a specific question to start out with. I can feel my heart trembling. My mind is flying away to the things I want. Perhaps too much? Or maybe I lack security. I need to feel secure.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What if I need you now?

Always missing you. Always tell myself that I wouldn't call and wouldn't text you. But in the end I lost all control. Just can't bear with it and ended up calling and texting, makes me feels like I'm someone annoying and dependable. Staying quietly waiting will it lead to any outcome? If I really need to hear your voice and read your replies... If i really need you now, what should i do? I'm lost and I hope I can find the light into your heart... I hope you can hear this whispers from my heart...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My First Time to Singapore

This is a very special trip, a very last minute yet successful trip. Enjoyed myself very much. It's yet another meaningful story to slot in my diary. Will miss this moment badly. Hopefully every moment is gold and precious that will last till the end. Hopefully, this bond and happiness is everlasting too...

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Forever in Your Grasp

拥抱你那刹那是最不需要象太多的时候. 总觉得好幸福 好温暖,把所有不美好的事情都变得美好了. 你不在我身边 真的很想很想你. 我落泪是 真希望能够把抱着你的时候变永恒,把我所有的伤心也带走...


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Me as your Remedy

I truly hope, that I can make you feel better. I Hope that I have the ability to heal and sooth your soul. I wished that I'm your medicine. I believe, my words, my conversations with you will let you forget all your sorrows and depressions. I want to be your Remedy :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


当我思念的心 泛滥的时候
看着你的样子 是你在伤心
揪心的是 我的离开
看你装无辜的眼神 我很窒息
难道你没有看见 看见我对你的好

你说我傻 傻在爱上只懂爱自己的人
我说你傻 傻在爱他你的眼睛骗不了人
我们都傻 傻在为一段没有未来的爱情付出

你说我傻 傻在爱上没有感情的分身
我说你傻 傻在爱他就固执的奋不顾身
我们都傻 傻在宁愿被牺牲也不愿意放弃天真

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Gor Gor

This is the 2nd time my gor gor give me a hug. The first time was when i bought him a gift for Christmas and this time, he concerns bout me cuz he knows that i'm sad and feeling down. The best part was, when he hugged me, he says "it's ok, everything will be fine". It makes big different with that words he says combining it with his actions. Thanks gor gor.... :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Whisper of the Heart

Speaking about Law of Attraction, this is totally opposite from it. Thinking of positivity, that makes possibility, but still my mind can't expel those negativity.

I always feels that being alone is filled with freedom and privacy. But I didn't know sometimes being with friends can also feel empty. Perhaps is the mind that is floating elsewhere causing emptiness. But feeling empty, is not totally empty with nothing to give. Tears still will be flowing out.

I realized that the most sorrowful and hurtful feeling is being neglected, treated cold and forgotten. Should I feel bad and blame the person who give me the heartache? Or should I thank the person for breaking my heart, so that I can be stronger? Conclusion to this, no matter what's the outcome, heart is aching and it's totally not a good feeling...

Law of Attraction

Love this quote.... Hope to try it and make it happen :)

"Imagine it, realized it, make an concrete image and keep thinking of what you crave for....
Absorb only Positive thoughts....

Your mind is like a mirror and will reflect your dream to the universe and attract all the positive things back to you...."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back in Every Year

It's been a while. From my last post regarding my BodyJam Training, till now, I'm a full fledged BodyJam Instructor. Of course with lots of hard work and effort infused in it.

Another year has been passed. Am riding a brand new year now. With new mindsets, new task, new challenges, new happiness and sorrows. Ever since 2011 started, my emotions are like the waves. Going up and down. I don't think it's a good thing or a good sign. But unfortunately, emotions are just difficult to be controlled. I will never admit that myself is a strong person. I'm always weak physically and mentally.

Talking bout weak. Just recovered from bad fever and flu. Right up till now am not fully recovered yet. This will add on some waves into my daily emotions. Found out that this is really the killing combo that really sucks big time! Sick plus emotional equals disasters!!

By the way, something actually bothering myself. I hope I will find my light and guide me to the right route. Sometimes am really lost. No directions. Feel so helpless and insecure. And i seriously want happiness. Realized that when a person is getting older, thoughts seems to fly more in mind and will caused unhappiness. I wanna be happy again. I missed my school days. I miss those days which we need not think too much and just have fun with our lives without worries. I really missed those days so badly. Do you?