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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Body Jam 46 Launching

Body Jam 46 was so cool!! Went for the launching at Damansara Uptown to join the launching lead by Ken & Kim, with Simon, Colin and the gang. It was so much fun there. Also take the opportunity to have dinner and some chit chat, socialize with them after the class.

Really enjoyed myself that night, so finally get the chance to enjoy a simple short and fantastic dinner with them. One thing i really find out that they are very warm people, funny and they can share anything n chat bout almost anything. With Ken there, it even spice up the whole session, Ken is such a sweet person, the way he bring his topic, talks and jokes, really make me laugh my heart off! The first time I had dinner with him makes me feels like I've known him for sometime! Really looking forward to hang out and enjoy with them again! Cheers guys! ;)

Monday, October 06, 2008

Break, Broke, Broken

Its been a while since I've blog here due to the time and chances for me to loged on to the internet. Usually will not have any extra time at home plus, my Ex-Co really sucked at that internet service. Sometimes really wonder why they would ever apply for that. Back to main topic hehe.

Its been 6 days since i quit my job and enjoying holiday, awaiting for the new 1 to start on November, but seems like i will be strugling and suffering for this 2 months to get stable again especially on my financial prospect. It is very known that Eugene is someone that cant control and manage his financial problem. Today, went to my ex-co to get my pay, it was puny due to the leave I've applied and deduction from it. When i started calculating my financial expences for this month, i finally realise that I'm really BROKE for goodness sake!

Sigh.. now is time for me to start my suffering n struggle. No more extra outing, no more leisure, no more... no more whatever... gosh.. sometimes come to think of it, even working is suffering, if ur pocket is emty, its even more suffering than that. So i guess when we work and get money, and spend it, is better than sitting at home, without money. Cuz, Its time exchanged to money or money exchanged with time.