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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Year End Post

Its been a while since I blog. Being lazy and too much activities to attend especially its year end now and the very special and long waited holiday is the Holy Night of Christmas! Due to unforeseen "laziness" and insufficient of time for me to "spam", my Christmas gifts are still on my room floor, unwrapped half way all over waiting for my photo shooting session. And due to low camera quality, I still need to delay shooting them. Eventually, I will post them up here and also in Facebook after i have a photography session with them! HuHu~

It's actually a very fun night although we celebrate Christmas a week earlier then other "normal" people. Everyone put effort in it to make it happen! Like I always heard from the experience people around me, if you want something, nothing that is you cannot achieve. We just need to make things happen! And it turn out ultimately perfect that night! Everyone had fun, going home NOT empty handed also hopefully bring them memories and sweet smiles engrave in their hearts! LOL! Cheers and thanks for my "Salah Gang"!! Hugs and kisses~

And for now, awaiting for the 2010 to arrive. Its the last week for me to be here in this company. Finally I cant endure the system here and I quit this job. Will be starting my 2010 with my new life with a new job. Hopefully that job will turn out to be something good for me as, I finally able to set my resolutions for 2010 in my heart and hopefully to achieve it! To everyone, Happy 2010 in advance!