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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birthday Before I Sleep

Actually, am really happy. Sometimes perhaps thinking too much is just not the right thing to do. After today, really need to think seriously on controlling my emotions and thinking. If someone is staying silence doesn't mean he does not appreciates you. It's sometimes truly said as "actions speaks louder than words". And I've experience it tonight. I still hope that I don't think too much. But somehow still feeling a bit of a dilemma. Feeling contended at the same time feeling miss and a little bit of emotional. Really miss him very much. Thank you for getting me a pair of nice shoes. I realize that you keep everything in your mind, everything that I said is really in your mind. I'm happy just for this. Wished that I can stay longer by your side. No matter what I will hold this on, no matter how tough, how suffer this will be, I will try to hold on and I believe, will believe, that someday, something good will happen. Will be wishing and waiting for that day to come :)


Silver said...

i like the style of your writing :)

Praveen RS said...

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