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Saturday, April 07, 2012


Human do change. Just a short period of time, everything can be haywire. Expectation too much leads to disaster. I think I still did not learn well. Regret on my deeds. Although my hopes are high.

I wish I can turn back time. This 3 days of depression, I really experience it well. It kills your appetite, your moods and your hype. All in mind was clouded by the person I really love. But myself ruin it by my own bare hands and deeds.

Everyday, I wish to sleep. I'm not a sleeping person to start with. But this 3 days, I really wants to sleep because I find that sleeping will make your mind stop thinking of all this depressions. But, when I'm a wake, its mere hell. Depression clouded me once I open my eyes. Feels the suffering.

Whenever the things we did together flashes back in my mind, it's actually slicing my flesh and breaking my heart pieces to pieces. I don't know how long can I stand for this. But, as people always says, nothing last forever. Even pain.

Should I continue to expect for miracles? Or change my methods to Hope perhaps? Expecting will make you disappointed. But Hope, will make u waiting without disappointment? I'm kinda lost. Oh dear Lord, please guide me. I really am lost and need the light of your guidance.

I really love you. Even you are not the one for me or I'm not the one for you, I still love you. You are the one that is always in my mind. I just don't know but, I love you...


strat said...

Music will definitely cure the situation.

EarthAngel said...

Please don't be depressed. I know it hurts and if it's because you weren't quite what someone was looking for then it really wasn't meant to be. Please know that there will always be someone who cares.

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Osama Akhter said...

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